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Refinery news roundup: North American refineries recover from extreme cold snags

Extreme cold temperatures that blanketed much of the US and Canada last week are departing, and the refinery hiccups caused by such temperatures appear to be abating.

Icy conditions in the Delaware Bay are clearing as the weather warms, but it is taking time, according to the US Coast Guard.

Between two and four inches of ice covers between 80% and 90% on the Schuykill River at Point Breeze and Girard Point, the USCG said in a Tuesday ice report, creating navigational difficulties for crude moving into Philadelphia Energy Solution’s 335,000 b/d refinery.

The refinery, the largest on the USAC, began planned work on two units earlier this week, according to a filing by the Philadelphia Department of Health. The filing did not detail what units were being worked on, but traders said it was the reformer and a crude distillation unit.

PBF is planning work on a crude unit at its 182,800 b/d Delaware City, Delaware, refinery later this spring, according to a source familiar with refinery operations, but the dates have not yet been firmed up.

Long-awaited work will begin next week to modernize the 145,000 b/d gasoline-making fluid catalytic cracking unit at Phillips 66’s 238,000 b/d Bayway refinery, a source familiar with refinery operations said.

Demolition of the Goethals Bridge begins this weekend, and vessel traffic into the plant will be restricted at some times, the USCG said. The bridge connects New Jersey with Staten Island.

US Gulf Coast refiners also suffered from colder-than-normal temperatures, with Marathon’s Galveston Bay and ExxonMobil’s Beaumont facilities reporting cold weather hitches.

Even in the Midwest, refineries reported cold weather having an impact on production. Citgo Lemont and the Wood River refinery both reporting operating issues as the temperatures dropped below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


First Half 2018

Owner Refinery Capacity Unit Unit Start End
b/d Name b/d
Monroe Energy Trainer, PA 190,000 Naphtha HT 80,000 11/10/2017 20/10/2017
PBF Energy Delaware City, DE 182,800 CDU 110,000 01/04/2018 15/05/2018
Philadelphia Energy Philadelphia, PA 330,000 CDU 05/01/2018 01/02/2018
Solutions reformer 70,050
Phillips 66 Bayway, Linden, NJ 238,000 FCC 145,000 14/01/2018 30/03/2018
Owner Refinery Capacity Unit Unit Start End
b/d Name b/d
ExxonMobil Joliet, IL 238,600 CDU N/A 01/03/2018 15/04/2018
HollyFrontier El Dorado, KS 150,000 full plant 150,000 Q118 Q218
HollyFrontier Tulsa, OK 155,300 reformer (W) 25,000 01/02/2018 19/03/2018
coker (w) 11,000 01/02/2018 19/03/2018
Husky Superior, WI 50,000 full plant 50,000 Q218 Q218
5 weeks
Husky Lima,OH 177,000 partial 5-week 88,500 Q418 Q418
WRB Wood River 314,000 plant Q118 Q118
Owner Refinery Capacity Unit Unit Start End
Alon USA Big Spring, TX 73,000 CDU N/A Q118 Q118
FCCU 25,000 Q118 Q118
reformer 21,000 Q118 Q118
Chevron Pascagoula, MS 340,000 CDU 165,000 Q218 Q218
coker 105,000 Q218 Q218
ExxonMobil Baytown, TX 560,500 CDU N/A Q218 Q218
ExxonMobil Beaumont, TX 362,300 CDU A 110,000 28/11/2017
Motiva Port Arthur, TX 603,000 CDU N/A Q118 Q218
coker 164,500 Q118 Q218
PBF Energy Chalmette, LA 190,000 CDU N/A Q118 Q218
Phillips 66 Sweeny, TX 247,000 CDU N/A 01/01/2018 15/02/2018
reformer 37,500
Shell Convent, LA 225,800 FCCU 28,500 27/09/2017 07/11/2017
Valero Corpus Christi, TX 293,000 CDU N/A Q118 Q118
FCCU 95,500 Q118 Q118
WRB Borger, TX 247,000 plant N/A Q118 Q118
Owner Refinery Capacity Unit Unit Start End
Par Petroleum Newcastle, WY 18,000 naphtha HT 4,000 Q4 Q4
DHT 6,000
Owner Refinery Capacity Unit Unit Start End
b/d b/d
Andeavor Los Angeles/Carson 364,100 CDU 364,100 05/01/2018 15/02/2018
FCCU 102,500
coker 42,000
Owner Refinery Capacity Unit Unit Start End
b/d b/d
Husky Energy Lloydminster 25,000 upgrader 25,000 Q218 Q218
70% of capacity
Owner Refinery Capacity Unit Unit Start End
b/d b/d
Pemex Santa Cruz 330,000 plant N/A 15/06/2017 06/01/2018
FCCU 80,000 15/06/2017 06/01/2018
Pemex Minatitlan 246,000 FCCU 66,000 31/07/2017 06/01/2018

–Janet McGurty, janet.mcgurty@spglobal.com

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