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The First Socialists: The Saint-Simonians And The Utopians – Analysis

By Chris Calton* At the turn of the nineteenth century, classical economics—as represented by Adam Smith in Britain and Jean-Baptiste Say in France—seemed unassailable. The American Revolution, to many people, demonstrated the failures of the old economic order of mercantilism and colonialism. The flourishing trade after the war proved protective …

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The Word ‘Human’ In The 21st Century: A Critical Revaluation – Analysis

Owing to identity-based politics, the use of the word “human” to refer to individual persons has been systematically replaced with ethnic, gender, and other choice-based terms, which rely on specific features that distinguish particular groups of people rather than a universal framework that bridges gaps between diverse groups. This refusal …

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What Russian Bounties Story Says About National Security Process Of Trump Administration – Analysis

By George W. Croner* (FPRI) — With its passage of the National Security Act of 1947, Congress created the National Security Council (NSC) as part of its reorganization of the federal government’s national security apparatus following World War II. The primary role of the NSC is to advise the president …

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Iran Turns To China For $400-Billion Lifeline, Thumbing Its Nose At Trump – OpEd

The NY Times reports that China and Iran have prepared a far-reaching commercial agreement that would offer Iran $400-billion in investment over 25 years in return for selling China a large proportion of the oil it produces over the same period (at a sharply discounted rate): The partnership…would vastly expand Chinese presence …

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GALLUP: 61% Of Democrats, 24% Of Republicans, ‘Always’ Use Face Masks – OpEd

On July 13, Gallup headlined “Americans’ Face Mask Usage Varies Greatly by Demographics” and reported that by far the biggest demographic difference is by Party-affiliation, with 61% of Democrats and 24% of Republicans saying that they “Always” use face-masks in public, and with 33% of Democrats and 22% of Republicans saying that …

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Xi Jinping’s India Policy – Analysis

Chinese foreign policy approach under Xi Jinping has witnessed a significant change since 2012-13. A cooperative and development-oriented perspective coupled with an aggressive diplomatic and military posturing has been the underlying aspects of its foreign policy. A reiteration of this approach can be witnessed in Xi’s pursuit of China’s nationalist …

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