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Daily Archives: March 20, 2020

Ammonia Has Been Wrongly Missing In Portraying Air Pollution Impacts

Nitrogen is essential for all living things. Synthetic fertilizer, which contains rich reactive nitrogen, has sustained food production and thereby the global population, but the nitrogen it emits is also a burden to the environment–air pollution, soil acidification, water eutrophication, to name just some of the consequences. Although numerous field …

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Trump Holds White House Presser To Announce Much Stricter Separation Guidance (While Violating The Guidance) – OpEd

It’s hard to take President Trump seriously. Not too long ago he was calling the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic a “democratic hoax” or a “Chinese hoax.” Last week he foolishly hosted a party at Mar-a-Lago for son Donald Jr.’s girlfriend at which numerous foreign and local politicians were infecting each other …

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