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Daily Archives: January 2, 2018

Iranians have given up on reforms

When hundreds of people took to the streets on Thursday 28 December in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city, to protest against economic woes and government corruption, they caught the regime, and the world, by surprise. It may not be uncommon for Iranians to seize the moment during major public events …

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Iran's supreme leader blames foreign 'enemies' for protests as death toll rises to 21

Iran’s supreme leader broke his silence Tuesday on the anti-government protests erupting across the country, blaming the deadly unrest on foreign “enemies.” “During the escapades of the past several days, Iran’s enemies, using the various tools at their disposal, including money, weapons, politics and security apparatus, have allied [with one …

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Alittihad Newspaper

Alittihad Newspaper9.4 مليار درهم مساعدات الإمارات إلى اليمن34 مليار دولار خسائر بورصـة قطر في 2017التعتيم القطري على ثورة الجوع في إيران.. متعمد بامتياز«الفيفا» تدفع ملايين الدولارات لتبرئة نفسها من فساد «مونديال 2022»أحداث إيران فضحت كذب «الجزيرة» عن الموضوعية والنزاهةمؤشر قطر يودع 2017 متراجعـاً بنسبـة 0.03%«تجربة الدوحة» يفضح التطبيع الأكاديمي بين …

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